CDS Training

Customs Declaration Service (CDS) Training

Since 2022, all import declarations have been switched over from CHIEF to CDS. Export declarations will follow suit in a phased approach between November 2023 and March 2024.

This is a major system change and our consultants at VARTAN have been incredibly busy training customers across the country in the use of CDS for imports. An alternative to 'live' training is our CDS Online Training Video which provides an overview of the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) for Imports.

In the training, we cover an introduction to CDS, changes between CDS and CHIEF, how to determine the correct ‘declaration category’ and an insight into the 8 groups of data elements that are replacing the ‘boxes’ on a C88 in CHIEF.

‘Procedure Codes’ and ‘Additional Procedure Codes’ that are replacing the current ‘Customs Procedure Code’ are explained and there’s help on how to complete the CDS declaration and provide information regarding the additional data required for data element 3 (Parties) that isn’t currently needed for a CHIEF declaration.

Watch this space for the publication of online training for Export Declarations!

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